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working hours related

posted Jun 19, 2010 00:52:15 by Jenny000
I had problems with a contract regarding total work hours per month. it was agreed 16h pw but then the contract was phrased in a way they could make me do 1-2h more pw for the same pay i got for 16h. i can try to find the contract so u can add it. originally it also included off peak and peak season in it but thank god i wasnt too naive and had that cut out.

its great to find a site that finally addresses these problems. i wish a site like this had existed before i went to china to teach!
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Dan said Jun 19, 2010 06:32:22

thanks for the reply! I will add that to the Idiots Guide.
Its ok, I have a few contracts that include this issue. No need for you to go waste your time hunting.
I have been collecting contracts for a while and have quite a collection now. I hope all issues will be addressed.
However, its likely I overlook some and all comments pointing problems out are very welcome.

Thanks again.



It has now been added. 1 the working more hours than originally agreed upon is in No 2 -more working hours- and the peak and of-peak is in No 1 -money chiseling-.
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