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Walton Language School In Huadu, Guangzhou

posted Jun 19, 2010 06:23:49 by FergusXXX
came across your new website by chance. Great idea to make a blacklist category. This is badly needed.

I want to name Walton in Huadu to be blacklisted!
The only names i can come up with for them is liars and thieves.
They will do anything to minimize the salary they pay you.
They send you the utility costs, after they get the actual bill and charge you extreme inflated prices.
The working conditions are terrible.You might be spending 10h at he school due to their non existent management not being able to block hours together. They also dont want to carry the traveling expenses which any contract under 8,000 after tax should really do.
They also try to tax your salary at again, overly inflated prices.
The list is endless. There are many more teacher sites which warn you about Walton:

Your text to link here...

Do you have plans to make a good school category aswell? it would be good to know which schools are realiable and fair.


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Jason997 said Jun 19, 2010 07:38:43
I agree.
I had an aquaintance go work there, he quit soon afterwards as the pay and working conditions were terrible! Not to mention i have seen at least three different sites dating back from 2005 till 2010, warning people not to go to walton.
Dan said Jun 19, 2010 08:05:52
Huadu will be added in the Blacklist category. They have had and still are receiving alot of bad publicity in teacher forums.

Yes, I am planning to have a section to include a list of reputable schools.
I am also considering to offer schools the chance to send in their standard contracts for me to give them a Contract Approved and/or Pay Approved stamp, or not should they not meet the standard that will be put forth in this website.
Should they be approved they would be listed in another section along with the schools contact details.
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